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beginners+ course, 12 Tuesday afternoons at the American School of The Hague (ASH), Wassenaar

Duration: 12 weeks

Days/Time: Tuesday afternoons 12.30 - 14.30 / 12.30-14.30

Teacher(s): Mrs Valerie Blussé

Start date: 12 September 2017

End date: 05 December 2017

Location: American School of The Hague, Rijksstraatweg 200, Wassenaar

Fee: €295, course book € 55

Beginners+ course, level A1- -> A1+

12 week course with lessons once a week
12 Tuesday mornings 12.30 - 14.30 h.
12 x 2 hour lessons + homework and self-study
Total of 24 hours
Starting date Tuesday 12 September – final lesson Tuesday 5 December
Lessons on September 12-19-26, October 3-10- (17 is a school holiday) 24-31, November 7-14-21-28, December 5
Number of students 6 - 10
Teacher: Mrs. Valerie Blussé
Price for the course € 295 (based on minimum 4 students)
Sign up on the ASH website www.ash.nl under "Life at ASH" / "Adult Education"
or at Dutch for Expats by email.
We will work with course book “Totaal 1” incl. CD-Rom plus extra teaching materials.
Costs for the course book “Totaal” incl. CD-Rom € 55
The teacher will bring the course books.

What to expect?
Course book “Totaal 1” chapters 7 - 12

  • (Grocery) shopping, food and drinks, going to a restaurant
    At work, professions, the weather, housing
    Public transport and travelling, how to ask directions
    Verbs and word order, how to make sentences, how to pose questions
    Past tense verbs
    Articles, plural forms, opposites
    Fieldtrip to Wassenaar centre (the public library, a café to practise how to order, different shops)


To follow the beginners courses (levels 0 -> A1) it is necessary to understand English.

After having completed this absolute beginners course, it is possible to continue with the beginners++ course starting at ASH as from January 2018 or earlier at the Dutch for Expats school building in The Hague.

If courses have less than the minimum number of students, we can recommend alternatives.
At the end of the complete beginners course (level A1) you will receive the certificate "Dutch for Expats beginners course”.
For explanation about the different blocks see Dutch for Expats "beginners course”.

In order to reach a basic knowledge of speaking and understanding the Dutch language, it is advisable to attend lessons on a regular basis covering a minimum of about 45 hours of Dutch.

If you are unsure of which course to join, then ask us for a free intake interview.
You can contact us for an appointment.

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