General Conditions

General conditions group lessons school year 2024/2025.

1.    Sign up
Sign up by e-mail only and after agreement of conditions.
Your place in the course of your choice is guaranteed after:

  • Reception and acceptance of the filled in sign up form by the administration of language school Dutch for Expats® and after acceptance of  the general conditions (e-mail address  
  • Payment of the course fee and course material (payment non refundable in case of not showing up or ending the course prematurely)
  • Enough sign ups for the course (minimum of 4 students)

2.    Payment
All fees should be paid before the start of the course.
Payment can be made by wire/electronic transfer or cash at the language school.
Students who sign up after the starting of the course only pay for the remaining lessons of the course plus the costs of the course material.
Costs of the course material is not included in the course fee.
The teacher will bring course material at the first lesson.

3.    Absence of student
Homework after a missed lesson can be send to you by e-mail by the teacher only after having informed the teacher about your absence.

4.    Number of students
Minimum number of students per group is 4 (for group lessons at our teaching location The Hague and Wassenaar) and 6 for the lessons at The American School in Wassenaar (adult education programme).
Language school Dutch for Expats® has the right to cancel a course in case the minimum number of students has not been reached in which case  payment will be refunded by bank transfer or cash within 10 working days.
It is possible that, together with the students, we decide to start the course with less than
4 students. In that case the course fee will be discussed with the students.

5.    Absence of teacher
In case of absence of the teacher, the lesson could be taken over by another teacher of language school Dutch for Expats®

6.    Teaching Schedule
Dates of the lessons of the 10 and 12 week course will be discussed on lesson nr 1.
In general we keep to the Dutch school holidays system.

7. Time of reflexion
After registration you are given maximum of 7 working days to think the matter over. If the course you signed up for starts before these 7 days are over, your time of reflexion is until the starting date of the course.

8. Complaints policy and procedure
A customer who is dissatisfied with the services of language school Dutch for Expats® should contact the managing director of the school, Mrs. Cynthia Mulder.

  •     telephone: +31(0) 6.2484.6090
  •     e-mail:

Mrs. Mulder will do everything to resolve the problem immediately.
However, if a complaint can not be resolved by her, a complainant may inform the independant mediator Mr. H. Voorhoeve.
The mediator can be reached at the following email address:
All complaints will be dealt with confidentially by the mediator.  The mediator will consider  the evidence in strict confidence and within a period of 28  days he will give an absolute judgement, of which the consequences will be promptly settled by the institute.
All complaints will be registred by the institute for the period of 1 year .

9.    Liability
Dutch for Expats® shall not be liable for injury to persons and/or damage to property, nor for the loss of personal possessions, howsoever caused, occurring during any activities organised by Dutch for Expats®.

10.   Confidentiality
Students' private and professional information will be treated as confidential by the Dutch for Expats® teachers and administration.

11. The administration of Dutch for Expats® will reply to any telephone call, letter or e-mail as soon as possible but latest within 48 h. (on working days).