Dutch for Diplomats (online lessons)

As of school year 2024/2025 we exclusively offer online Dutch lessons
and Dutch book reading sessions (1-on-1 or small groups)

Established over 24 years ago, Dutch for Expats has helped many embassies and NGOs to find their feet in the Netherlands, and become familiar with the Dutch language. Among its clients have been the diplomatic staff of more than 15 embassies as well as personnel working with many of The Hague’s 150 NGOs and international courts and tribunals.

“We design our courses to be as flexible as possible to fit in with the diplomats’ working day”, explains Dutch for Expats owner-director, Cynthia Mulder. “Most of our teachers have spent time living and working abroad, so we understand the challenges that are faced when someone arrives in a new country”.

·         Take an intensive course or learn at a slower pace – the choice is yours
·         Learn as part of a group – or take one-to-one classes
·         Study in the privacy of your own embassy or office 
·         Discretion is always assured

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