We offer a number of Dutch and English classes at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels on weekdays and weekends in small groups (4-10 students). Our flexible schedule allows for morning, afternoon and evening classes that cover conversatio...

Open House

Open House and free intake interviews.     No date for a nex Open House planned

Next open house: 10 December 2022



dutch for expats®


Welcome to DUTCH FOR EXPATS®, the Dutch language school for Expatriates and their partners, business people, diplomats and other internationals.

As expats for many years ourselves we have experienced the fun part of living abroad as well as the challenges and problems. Our work as language instructors in different countries has shown us the every day requirements of speaking and understanding a foreign language.

And learning more about the cultural aspects of your host country can make your stay even more enjoyable!
Let us help you make the most of your Dutch Experience!