12 week courses in small groups

We offer a number of Dutch classes at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels on weekdays in small groups (4-8 persons).
Our convenient schedule allows for morning, afternoon and evening classes that cover conversation, grammar, Dutch culture and traditions. The group courses are generally held in The Hague (school building Dutch for Expats on Sweelinckplein 9/11) and Wassenaar (American School, Rijksstraatweg 200), but special arrangements can be made in other cities in de Randstad.
Our 10 and 12 week group courses start every September, January and April.

What do we do in the beginners course :

Absolute beginners, level 0->A1-, course book “Totaal" chapters 1-5

How to introduce yourself, spell your name and address etc.
  The Dutch alphabet, the numbers, currency amounts
  The days, the months, the seasons
  Telling time
  Verbs and word order, how to make sentences, how to pose questions
  Articles, plural forms, opposites
  Food and drinks
  Quiz about the Netherlands and the Dutch

Beginners+, level A1- -> A1, course book “Totaal" chapters 6-9

At work
  Food and drinks, shopping, ordering in a restaurant
  Verbs and word order, how to compose sentences, how to pose questions
  Prepositions and opposites
  Quiz about the Netherlands and the Dutch

Beginners++, level A1 -> A2-, course book “Totaal" chapters 10-13

At work, professions
  The weather, housing
  Public transport and travelling, how to ask directions
  Adjectives, past tense verbs
  Quiz about the Netherlands and the Dutch

and more …..


What’s in the news?
(Dutch news and weather forecast)
Special days and events as they come up throughout the year
(Prinsjesdag, Koninginnedag, Sinterklaas, 4/5 mei etc.)
  Introduction to the Netherlands

and not to forget ….

Homework and suggestions from the students

For absolute beginners:
In order to reach a basic knowledge of speaking and understanding the Dutch language, it is advisable to take lessons on a regular basis covering a minimum of 45 hours of Dutch.
At the end of this course you will receive the certificate “DUTCH FOR EXPATS® introduction course".